The Web Publications Network

Web Publications owns and operates some of Australia's largest and most successful subscription and e-commerce sites including:
One of Australia's longest established automotive web sites, AutoWeb offers its visitors access to detailed, timely information about the Australian automotive industry.

AutoWeb is a popular destination for consumers wishing to research vehicle purchases.

First published in October 1998,  AutoSpeed is an online performance car magazine focusing predominantly on later model vehicles. While it is primarily aimed at the DIY'er and hi-tech performance enthusiast, AutoSpeed's diversity of content ensures that every car enthusiast will find something of interest.
We also partner with some of Australia's most popular print magazines to provide them with a web presence and access to an international audience for their content. These sites are operated on a similar online subscription basis to
V8X On-line is the online version of V8X magazine, the world's most popular magazine devoted to V8 Supercars. With new features being added from each monthly issue coupled with with daily news, each V8X online issue is packed full of feature articles, event reports and previews, product reviews, and of course heaps of babes!

Aimed at the V8 Supercar fan, V8X On-line aims to keep you up to date with all that is happening in the V8 Supercar scene. 
Silicon Chip Online is the online version of Silicon Chip magazine. Silicon Chip Online focuses on the electronics world with feature articles, projects to build, columns and much, much more. Silicon Chip Online is published monthly with regular article updates throughout each month. Packed full of high resolution images, great information and heaps of projects and ideas Silicon Chip will keep the enthusiast and professional reading for hours.